Several Important websites in the area of FDI
1Invest in China:

2Ministry of Commerce of P.R.China, Department of Foreign Investment Administration:

3Department of Foreign Capital Utilization, National Development and Reform Commission:

4Investment Promotion Agency of Ministry of Commerce, P.R.China:

5China Council of International Investment Promotion:

6Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Corporation:

7. Transnational Companies Research Center of Research Academy of Ministry of Commerce/Transnational Companies China Website:

8Center for Transnationals Study of Nankai University:

9World Association of Investment Promotion AgenciesWAIPA:

10United Nations Conference on Trade and Development:

11World Investment Report:

12International Investment Agreement :

13FDI Database

14Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development:

15United Nation:

16World Trade Organization:

17World Bank:

18International Finance Corporation:

19International Monetary Fund:

20World Economy Forum:

21Global M&A Research Center:

22China Center for Economic Research, Peking University

23China National Institute of WTO

24China Research Center for Foreign Direct Investment, University of International Business and Economics

25Magazine of International Business Research:

26Magazine of Transnational Corporation

27Magazine of FDI:(Financial Times Group

28Economic Papers

29Development Gateway Communities

30Business School of Leeds University of U.K.(Professor Peter Barkley)

31Business School of University of Reading (Professor Dunning, Carson, Narula, Cantewell, Meyer)

32Kelly School of Business of Indiana University (Professor Alan Rugman)

33Department of Economics of Harvard University (Professor Ric h a rd Caves)