“The 3th International Investment Forum” was held successfully in UIBE
In recent years, with the implementation of the “going out” strategy , the overseas direct investment of Chinese enterprises is developing rapidly. There are a large number of Chinese multinationals coming to the fore. In order to explore the theory and law of Chinese multinationals’ rising, construct the environment of growing, refine the development mode and promote Chinese multinationals’ developing, on June 3rd 2012, “the 3th international investment forum---Chinese multinationals’ growth and cultivation : theory, environment and mode” organized by China Society of World Economic and UIBE was held in international conference hall in the third layer of Chengxin building in our school. 

        More than 100 guests attended this meeting, who came from domestic top research institutions,relevant ministries, famous universities and Chinese multinationals, for example Ministry of Commerce, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Bank of China, Ministry of Commerce Research Institute, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Nankai University, University of Illinois, University of international business and economic, Sinopec Group, China Aluminum Group, China Nonferrous Metals Group, Sany Heavy Industry Corporation and China YuanDa Group Overseas Investment Corporation. The vice president of UIBE and of China Society of World Economic Zhao Zhongxiu professor made a speech on the opening ceremony. He expressed the warm welcome to the participants on behalf of the China Society of World Economic and UIBE. He congratulated the authors of all those papers involved in the meeting essay activity and wish the forum a complete success.


        This forum was divided into four parts: leaders’ speech, guests’ speech, business representatives’ speech, academia representaives’ speech and essay representaives’ speech. There were four hosts presiding the four stages of this meeting and 21 delegates giving a speech at the forum. The four hosts were: Li XiangYang(President of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Asia-Pacific and Global Strategy, Vice president of the China Society of World Economic),Shao BinHong(President of the China Society of World Economic,《International Economic Review》Executive Editor),Hong JunJie( Executive dean of the school of international trade and economics,UIBE), Chen Yan (Professor of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications); The 21 guests and delegates who made a speech at the conference were: The Chief Economist of Bank of China ,Cao YuanZheng (The The topic was 《RMB internationalization and transnational management strategy of chinese financial industry》).The director of Ministry of Commerce Research institute,Zhang XiangChen(The topic was 《Status, problems and countermeasure of chinese enterprises’ going out》).The assistant to the president of Nankai University ,Xian GuoMing (The topic was 《Chinese foreign direct investment in the global economy》)、The commercial counselor of foreign direct investment and economic cooperation department of Ministry of Commerce, Chen RunYun (The topic was 《Problems of Chinese multinationals’ development》), The vice dean of Ministry of Commerce Research Institute, Xing HouYuan (The topic was 《Content interpretation of the “The Twelfth Five” foreign investment and cooperation development plan》)、The director of Beijing New Century multinationals research institute, Wang ZhiLe (The topic was《Strengthen compliance management, promote the healthy development of foreign direct investment》)、The assistant to the director of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences World Economy and Politics Institute, Yao ZhiZhong (The topic was 《The new trend of international investment system and international investment rules》) 、The vice president of China Aluminum iron Holdings Limited corporation, Zhu XingLong (The topic was 《China Aluminum’s strategic transformation and the practice of the strategic of “going out”》)、.The director of Sinopec Group development strategy research institute, Shi Xin (The topic was 《The International operation of Sinopec Group: Course and Experience》),.The deputy general manager of Sany heavy industry corporation ,Cui YongQian (The topic was《The private enterprises pioneer of going to the world--- Sany heavy industry corporation》)、The deputy general manager of China Nonferrous Mining Group International Trade Company ,Gao ShunQing (The topic was 《The Road of China Nonferrous Mining Group’s transnational management》)、The tenured professor from University of Illinois, Zhang HongLin (The topic was《What is the competitive advantage of Chinese multinationals in the global market》)、The chairman of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences World Economy and Politics Institute Chinese Businessmen Research Centre, Kang RongPing (The topic was 《Chinese multinationals growth research》) 、The director of University of International Business and Economic FDI Research Centre,Lu JinYong (The topic was 《Five characteristics analysis of Chinese multinationals》) 、The professor from Tsinghua University Economics and Management Institute, Chen TaoTao (The topic was 《Analyse the growth environment of Chinese multinationals from the perspective of chinese enterprises’ investment to the United States 》) 、The Researcher of Chinese academy of social sciences world economy and politics institute ,Li ZhongMin (The topic was 《The protection of the interests of chinese overseas economic benefits》)、The professor from Tianjin Foreign Studies University International Business Institute, Niu Rui (The topic was 《The “going out” strategy of chinese logistics enterprises》)、.The associate dean of Changzhou University Economics and Management institute, Jiang Hong(The topic was《The mineral resources cooperation mode between China and Mongolian under the FTA framework》),The research associate from International Economics Institute of UIBE ,Yang liQiang (The topic was 《Forming path and possible models of chinese multinationals’clusters》) 、The lecturer from Finance Institute of Xinjiang University ,Zhou YaJun (The topic was 《The overseas investment policy system of Chinese financial industry 》)、The doctor from chinese economics research center of Peking University national development research institute ,Wang BiJun (The topic was 《Make use of foreign direct investment to promote the domestic industries upgrading 》) .

        After the end of the four stages,the director of the FDI Research Center,Lu JinYong professor made a closing statement.He said that this forum collects many research experts who were well-known in the fields of international investment and multinationals, government leaders and delegates of chinese typical multinationals. They have made in-depth discussions and exchanges around the issues of international investment and chinese multinationals development. They have proposed a lot of insights and obtained many new research results.By the year 2011,there have been more than 4000 Chinese multinationals.Making the chinese multinationals become a banner of china’s rising is our common target.

         The forum was hosted by the institute of International Economic and Trade and FDI Research Center of UIBE, and organized by China International Economic Cooperation Society, International Investment laboratory of Institute of World Economy and politics of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the editorial department of 《International Economic Review》and the China GrandGroup overseas Economic investment and Development Company Limited.