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Seminar on the recently-published book of China’s Foreign Trade Reform and Development

On Sep 25th, 2013, a seminar was held in our university on the recently-published book of China’s foreign trade reform and development written by Prof Shi Guangsheng. This seminar was supervised by Policy Study Center of Ministry of Commerce, University of International Business and Economics, Nang Kai University, People’s Publishing House and co-organized by our school. Attendees of the seminar included Wang Mengkui, ex-Director of Development Research Center of the State Council, Xiong Guangkai, ex-Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA), Wang Xuzu ex-Deputy Mayor of Tian Jin, Yu Youmin,ex-Secretary General Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, Zhang Xiangchen, Assistant Minister of  Ministry of commerce,Gong Fanrong, Director of  Law Drafting of NPC's Financial and Economic Committee,Huang Shuyuan,President of the People’s Publishing House,Lin Guijun, Vice-Principal of University of International Business and Economics(UIBE),  and Tong Jiadong, Vice-Principal of Nan Kai University. Attendees of the seminar expressed their opinions on China’s foreign trade development. Shi Jianjun, Principal of University of International Business and Economics(UIBE)presided over the seminar.
Shi Jianjun, Principal of University of International Business and Economics(UIBE)spoke highly of the recently-published book. He pointed out, this monumental work, which fully depicted the history of China’s opening up and made a well-rounded retrospect on the development of China’s foreign trade, has rich connotation and complete structure,providing an overview of the period in history when China rose from a weak country to a large trading country. It set up a good example for students both in theory and practice.
Shi Guangsheng,Editor in chief of the book and ex-minister of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation introduced the details of the book. He said “this book divided into 8 chapters, which narrated the history of China’s foreign trade reform and development both chronologically and descriptively. It centered on the introduction of foreign trade development in different periods, institutional innovation and policies.” He said, “I’m only write about history and let readers to make comments or conclusions. This book is different from personal memoir and it can be used as textbook for the university students majoring in foreign trade.” He concluded that China has achieved what western countries have spent hundreds of years to accomplish, which was a leapfrog development. Along the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics, China’s foreign trade will point to a prosperous future.