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Department of Economics

Li, Jianpei


Jianpei  Li

Professor, Ph.D. in Economics

University of International Business

and Economics,

School of International Trade and Economics,

East Huixin Street No. 10,

Beijing 100029, China





Research Interests

Applied Microeconomics, Industrial Organization, Contract theory


01. 2004-11. 2007

Ph.D. in economics, School of Economics and Business, Humboldt University at Berlin

Dissertation: Three essays on Efficiency and Incentives in Teams and Partnerships

Supervisors: Prof. Elmar Wolfstetter, Prof. Ulrich Kamecke

Colloquium: November 22, 2007

10. 2001-12.2003

M.A. in Economics and Management Science, School of Economics and Business, Humboldt University at Berlin


B.A. in English, University of Science and Technology, Beijing

Refereed Publications

  1. Bundled Procurement, joint with Yongmin Chen, Journal of Public Economics, 159,116-127,2018.


  2. How to Share it Out: the Value of Information in Teams, joint with Alex Gershkov and Paul Schweinzer, Journal of Economic Theory, 162, 261-304, 2016.


  3. Contracting for Infrastructure Projects as Credence Goods, joint with Uwe Dulleck and Gong Jiong, Journal of Public Economic Theory, 17, 328-345, 2015.


  4. Per Unit vs. Ad Valorem Royalties under Asymmetric Information, joint with John S. Heywood and Guangliang Ye, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 37, 38-46, 2014.


  5. Bid Coordination in Split-award Procurement: the Buyer need not Know Anything, joint with Parimal K Bag, Economics Letters, 124, 143-146, 2014.


  6. Speculative Partnership Dissolution with Auctions, joint with Ludwig Ensthaler and Thomas Giebe,  Review of Economic Design, 18, 127-150, 2014.


  7. Partnership Dissolution and Proprietary Information, joint with Yi Xue and Weixing Wu,  Social Choice and Welfare, 40, 495-527, 2013.


  8. Split-award Contracts with Investment, joint with Jiong Gong and R. Preston McAfee, Journal of Public Economics, 96, 188-197, 2012.


  9. Partnership Dissolution, Complementarity, and Investment Incentives, joint with Elmar Wolfstetter, Oxford Economic Papers, 62, 529-552, 2010.


  10. Team Production with Inequity-averse Agents, Portuguese Economic Journal, 8, 119-136, 2009.


  11. Efficient Tournaments within Teams, joint with Alex Gershkov and Paul Schweinzer, RAND Journal of Economics, 40, 103-119, 2009.



Working Papers

  1. Signaling versus Costly Information Acquisition, joint with Helmut Bester and Matthias Lang


  2. Competitive Differential Pricing, joint with Yongmin Chen and Marius Schwartz


  3. Efficient Liability in Expert Markets, joint with Yongmin Chen and Jin Zhang.


  4. Expert Costs and the Role of Verifiability, joint with Yaofu Ouyang.


  5. Efficiency in strategic form games: A little trust can go a long way, joint with Paul Schweinzer.


Research Projects


Member of DFG Sonderforschungsbereich Transgio15 (SFB/TR15), Governance and the Efficiency of Economic Systems.


“211 project”, Incentive Mechanisms in Teams and Partnerships, PI.


National Natural Science Foundation of China(国家自然科学基金青年项目), Project No. 71002001, PI.


Fok Ying Tung Education Foundation(霍英东教育基金会第十三届高等院校青年教师基础性课题), Project No.131084, PI.


UIBE research group funding:Microeconomic Theory Research Group(对外经济贸易大学学术创新团队建设项目:微观经济理论学术创新团队), Project No.CXTD1-06, project coordinator.








UIBE  Program for Excellent Talents(对外经济贸易大学杰出青年培育项目), Project No.13JQ02, PI.


新世纪优秀人才支持计划,Project No. NCET-13-0726, PI.




Refereeing Activities

Referee for Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, the Economic Analysis and Policy, Social Choice and Welfare, Canadian Journal of Economics, Economics Bulletin, Bulletin of Economic Research, BE Journal of Theoretical Economics, Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organization, International Journal of Industrial Organization, International Economic Review.